Making-safe-choices-bus-1-8: Leaflet published by the NZTA about school transport.

Bus expectations: Argyll’s expectations of behaviour on the bus.

Computer contract: The contract children sign when learning about digital citizenship.


NZmaths – Maths at home: A variety of ways to incorporate maths at home.

Top marks maths games: Great for learning different maths skills.


Toru & Wha resources:

Mathletics :This maths website is used within the senior room. This website is for all ages.

Seesaw : This website is used school-wide. You can view your child’s work, on your phone for easier access.

Fotor : We use this website for creative collages.

E-asTTle : We use this website for our students tests. Each test takes approximately 30-35 minutes to complete. These tests can be around maths, reading and writing.

Kiwi kids news : We use this website for searching and finding out information both national and international. This website is child-friendly and safe.

Mathantics : This website is used throughout the senior room, for short, informative videos around maths.

Kahoot : This website is used for fun and entertaining short quizzes.

By Willow


Tahi & Rua resources:

Sight words : Document to show the different words children will encounter in early reading.

Teach your monster to read : A website filled with reading games that help children learn sight words


Information and Forms for parents:

Uniform: Where you can purchase the school uniform and costs.

Bus contract: Information and contract regarding bus payments