We started up the Farm Club again this year. It is open to everyone.We meet every Wednesday and there are usually around 20 students at each meeting.

In Term 1 many of us attended the Agrikids event in the Waipukurau Showgrounds run by Young Farmers. Our families supported us by organising activities for us to do the week before. The activities included- putting a water pipe together, tying useful knots, identifying fertilizers, changing a tyre on a quad, erecting an electric fence. We had great fun at the events and 2 teams were in the finals. 

Lots of us were involved in creating the HOY banner.

At the moment we are setting goals and planning for this year. We noticed there are lots of fruit and vegetables that need harvesting and utilizing in our school grounds. We hope to make jam,marmalade and honey curd.   We'll keep you updated on this site through the year.

Kaela, Rupert and Lachie


Horse of the Year Banner Competition

2020 is the 3rd year we have entered this competition. We get given the banner fabric and paints and our job is to design a picture around this event incorporating Sponsors' names. This year we did a collage. We divided the banner up and everyone painted a section. We worked together in our lunchtimes over 3 weeks. The Year 4-8's in the groups attended the HOY Show. They got a tour and enjoyed watching the competitors doing jumps. Some of the group presented our banner at the Extravaganza on Friday night. We didn't receive a placing but we felt proud of what we had created together.

Addison and Maddie

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Farm Club members entered the Agrikids competition.  Teams practised skills at school before entering the competition.

  Agrikids girls 2

Agrikids boys 2   

Agrikids working 2  



Over the past year we have been raising 2 Friesian cross calves called Farmlands and Belgroup. They were given to us by Belgroup. Farmlands gave us some milk powder to feed them. They live out on the 5 acre school farm. When they were young, kids from the farm club would come out and feed them milk. Now they eat grass and drink the water from the trough. They are happy and healthy. They love getting attention from the Argyll East students and the kids surely love playing, caring and watching them grow.  

By Kaela and Gabriella



In the past, the Senior class designed the chicken coop.  At Argyll we have 4 chickens that we raised from chicks in our classrooms. Every afternoon 2 children feed them chicken food and lunch scraps.There’s usually 4 eggs. We sell the eggs at school. This money pays for the chicken food. Sometimes rats come into the chicken coop and eat the eggs. We have one of Miss Hay’s traps and try and catch them.

By Fletcher

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