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Julie Thelwall

Mrs Thelwall is our unique, fantastic principal. She is passionate about many things like her job and music - you always find her with a guitar in her hand. She is encouraging and always treats everyone with respect which makes her easy to get along with. Mrs Thelwall puts in a lot of effort to keep the school running smoothly but she does it in a laid back way. We think she is really funny because she does a crazy knock on our class door before entering! She is an outstanding mathematician who is always smiling and happy.



Rose a 2 

Rose Hay

Ruma Toru

Miss Hay has short curly blonde hair and wears cool glasses and gardening shoes. She is adventurous, kind and caring and is always helpful if you get stuck. She makes all our lessons so much fun. She is very organised and fits everything into one day. She can do fun things and not fun things - she makes it quite even.

By Ruma Toru



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Jason Stuckey

Ruma Toru

Mr Stuckey has short, white, straight hair. He is tall and has a nice smile. He loves to play sport and is kind, helpful, funny and caring. He is friendly and nice to talk to. Mr Stuckey has a great attitude and is good with children because he says good things about your work. He is well organised and has lots of good ideas.




Lara Smith

 Lara Smith

 Ruma Wha

Funky! Bright! Vibrant! are words that come to mind when we think of Mrs Smith. Her quirkiness means we do lots of fun stuff in our classroom. She sets high standards and helps us achieve our goals. Mrs Smith challenges us too. She has our work organised every day. She laughs with us and at herself too (like the time she fell down a hole in slow motion!) Mrs Smith does cool trick shots when she throws her old pens in the bin. We love Mrs Smith’s kind, patient and caring personality and we love being in Rūma Whā.

By Ruma Wha 



Sam Allen

Miss Allen

Ruma Rua

Miss Allen is kind, caring and friendly.  Her hair is kind of curly and she has white stripes in it.  She loves to wear skirts and she wears cool, tassel necklaces every day.  She loves them!  Miss Allen is beautiful and helpful because she helps us when we get stuck.  She shares with everyone.  She teaches us lots.  We love her.

By Ruma Rua


 Courtney and Harvey 2

Courtney Hall

Ruma Tahi

Miss Hall wears glasses and she always has happy eyes and smiles lots. She wears her hair in a swinging ponytail and sometimes in a bun. Miss Hall wears white laces on her black shoes. She is very kind, especially to new children. She likes to share with us and do fun lessons. Miss Hall likes the calves and her cats.  



 Support Staff

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Mrs Reynolds - School Administrator

Mrs Reynolds is our office computer lady. She works really hard and pretty much knows everything. She writes our newsletter, gives us stationery, brings notes to class, answers the phone and helps people who are hurt or not feeling well. Mrs Reynolds is also a great judge when we need one. She is really nice, friendly, kind and helpful and puts in a lot of time and effort to be well organised, neat and tidy.

By Ruma Toru


Donna Sarcich

Mrs Sarcich - Teacher Aide

Mrs Sarcich is helpful and likes to read with us and helps us write.  She looks after our library and makes sure it is nice and tidy with lots of books in it.  She is as beautiful as a butterfly.  She teaches us phonics and helps with our learning.  She will never stop being kind.  We like her because when we do cooking she helps us and she is so good at it.  She is the nicest.

By Ruma Rua



Moe Ellis - Teacher Aide

When Chris is away Moe cleans the school for us and makes it look beautiful inside and out.  She helps us learn to read and do good maths.  She's kind because she comes into our classroom and talks to us and it's a kind way to say good morning.  She's always there when we need her and she's happy to see us. She's caring because she helps our school.  She helps all of the classes do their learning.  We think Moe is amazing.

By Ruma Rua


Wade Robinson - School Caretaker

Wade is an important staff member in our school, because he is the school's caretaker. The staff and students appreciate everything he does to make this little place look clean and fancy.

By Ruma Wha


Chris Little - School cleaner

Chris helps us take care of our flowers and gardens.  She cleans our school and makes our classrooms tidy.  She sometimes gives us treats.  We love her and she is a nice lady.  She is always thinking of others and is caring for all of us.  She does lots of extra things for our school.  She is as beautiful as the evening sun.  She's so fancy.

By Ruma Rua