Julie Thelwall

Ruma Wha 

Mrs Thelwall teaches us on Thursdays and Fridays because she is also our brilliant leader, who runs our school. She was born in Australia and is an Aussie, guitar hero who has snazzy, funky songs. These are often about animals and our environment and MAN can she sing! Mrs Thelwall is a mind blowing mathematician who allows us to take risks and develop our brain pathways. She believes in us, so we feel that we can be what we wish. Mrs Thelwall is a hard working principal who has a "can do attitude". She works around the clock to make sure we have the best school in CHB. Our class loves how she gets into character when reading aloud to us. Mrs Thelwall has a bubbly personality that makes us smile and feel safe. She is amazing.

By Ruma Wha






20170620_151744Rose Hay

Ruma Toru

Miss Hay teaches Ruma Toru, who are Year 3 and 4 students. She has frizzy, blonde, short hair. She wears glasses so that she doesn't miss a single thing we do. Miss Hay has blue eyes like the ocean waves. Her smile is sweet like popping candy. She was born in England quite a while ago. Miss Hay told us she is as tall as a fridge. Miss Hay loves the outdoors. She is a passionate gardener and tramper. A lot of the outdoor areas at school have been planned and looked after by Miss Hay and the students of Argyll East School. Miss Hay knows a huge amount of Maori words. She goes to special classes so that she can share her new learning with us. Miss Hay always shows respect towards us and she is super kind and helpful. We adore Miss Hay.

By Ruma Toru





Amy Ryan

Mrs Ryan teaches Year 4 students in Ruma Toru on Tuesday & Wednesday. She is kind and caring and willing to share. Mrs Ryan loves a good boogie. She is Ruma Toru's dancing star and she does her funky dance moves across the room. Spotify and Pinterest are her favourite websites. Mrs Ryan borrows student stationery for long periods of time. "Totally organised" are good words to describe Mrs Ryan. She is a hockey hero and she is tu meke. Her art is creative, modern and fun. Science is one of her favourite subjects. Mrs Ryan is goofy and fun. She is an "out there" teacher.

By Ruma Toru



20170620_142238Emma Foley

Ruma Rua

Mrs Foley teaches Ruma Rua who are Year 2 and 3. She has long, beautiful, blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. She wears white, pearl earrings. She is a really lovely teacher who teaches new things every week. Mrs Foley is really funny and when she cracks up she gets rosy cheeks. She is a super sports hero because she plays and organises lots of sports. Mrs Foley is a skinny mini. She likes to put music on and boogie to it. She likes riding horses and enters competitions. We love Mrs Foley in our class

By Ruma Rua






Vicki Owen

Ruma Tahi

Miss Owen has long, curly, beautiful hair. Sometimes she wears it in a bun. She has a tummy and a body. She often wears very cool earrings. She has lovely white skin and hazel eyes. Miss Owen is from England. She knows lots of computer tricks and she can type really fast. She teaches us lots of new stuff. Miss Owen is a really lovely teacher. Sometimes she helps us do our work, especially writing because we are new to school. She helps us with our colouring. Miss Owen teaches Ruma Tahi who are 5 and 6 years old. We love Miss Owen.

 By Ruma Tahi




Support Staff

Mrs Reynolds

Mrs. Reynolds is our school administrator. She will always be there at the front desk doing paper work and taking phone calls. She is from England and lately became a New Zealand citizen. If you do decide to arrive at our lovely school the first person you'll meet will be her. She's kind,caring  and comes with a great sense of humour.  If you hurt yourself she'll have you fixed  right away! If you start feeling queasy or unwell you can go to the sick bay right behind her office where she keeps all her inhalers and medicine. She has been through lots of first aid training just like all the other teachers.

By Beau

Mrs Elmers

Mrs Elmers works so hard that she must go home exhausted. She is always kind, calm and  incredibly helpful to us all. She helps us at Steps and any where that we might need her, any time,  any day,  any month and any year. Thanks so much for everything you do to make Argyll East such a special place. You are a very special teacher aide Mrs Elmers.

By Cai


Wade is an important staff member in our school, because he is the schools care taker. The staff and students appreciate everything he does to make this little place look clean and fancy.

By Kyro